Conetic Resources, Inc.

Description of Products & Services:

Conveyors, Conveyor Components, Conveyor Systems, Geraboxes, Sampling Systems, Large Brakes for Conveyors and Draglines, Fluid Couplings, Large Motor Coils

Represents Materials Handling Products and services including: JoyGlobal Continental Conveyor Products & Goodman-Hewitt Products; Nerak Systems; Siemens Mechanical Drives/Flender & Motox; Macawber Engineering; Dearborn Midwest Conveyor Co.; Kase Conveyors; Overton Chicago Gear; Hilliard/Twiflex; Voith Turbo, Inc.; Instersystems Sampling; Overland Conveyor Co.; Swiger Coil Systems; Overland Conveyor Company.

Mailing Address:

Conetic Resources
6205 S. Main St., Suite 255
Aurora, CO. 80016