2015 CSSGA Team Safety Award Winners

Congratulations to the following members who kept their teams safe and accident free in 2015! Download a printable version of the below.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Plaques

Awarded based upon the frequency rate of reportable incidents and lost time incidents.  If more than one plant has no reportable and lost time incidents, then the plaques will be based upon the number of hours worked in the 12-month period.

Certificate of Recognition for No Injuries

Certificates awarded if a plant does not have any injuries over the 12-month period. This includes reportable incidents, restricted duty, and lost time.

Class I Company Name Location
30,000+ hrs Varra Companies Pit 115 – Platteville, CO
Bestway Concrete & Aggregates Firestone Facility
Bestway Concrete & Aggregates Brighton Facility
Class II Company Name Location
20,000-29,999 hrs Martin Marietta Cottonwood
Martin Marietta Taft
L.G. Everist, Inc. Rinn Valley Resources
Class III Company Name Location
10,000-19,999 hrs Whitewater Building Materials 500 Pit
Martin Marietta Fountain
Martin Marietta Greeley
Oldcastle SW Group 05-03178 CO Crusher #2
Class IV Company Name Location
5,000-9,999 hrs Loveland Ready Mix Concrete Johnstown Ready Mix
Loveland Ready Mix Concrete Loveland Ready Mix
Everist Materials Morrow Pit
Oldcastle SW Group 05-03510 Portable WP
Everist Materials Portable Plant
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04585 WP2
Everist Materials Snowstorm Pit
Bestway Concrete & Aggregates WASHPLANT #1
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04656 CR4
Oldcastle SW Group 05-01050 WP1
Class V Company Name Location
1-4,999 hrs Oldcastle SW Group 05-04835 CR 7
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04836 CR 8
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04888 CR 9
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04887 CR 10
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04739 CR 5
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04740 CR 6
L.G. Everist, Inc. Carbon Valley Resources
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04741 SP 3
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04834 SP 4
Whitewater Building Materials 501 Pit
Everist Materials Mascot Pit
Oldcastle SW Group 05-04624 SP 2