April 10, 2015 Run Replacement Simulation Webinar

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Nate Rutter, Power Motive Corp GM – Parts & Tech Service, has a background in mining engineering, attending the School of Mines. He will provide analysis training during the webinar and attendees will leave with software they can take with them!

Topics to be covered:

  • Equipment Run or Replace Simulation
    • Time value of money principles used for equipment capital purchase decision-making
    • What are key drivers of operating cost, and how do they impact the analysis
    • Run through several examples with the group regarding the “Run or Replace” simulation process
    • Provide a simple calculator to the group for their own use for run vs replace analysis
  • Mobile Fleet-Size Optimization
    • Run through the key aspects of an equipment application study
    • Over-trucked vs Under-trucked application
    • Deterministic vs Stochastic Simulation
    • Run through a simple series of application simulation examples as a group