EME Solution’s John Jankousky Visits Ecuador with Engineers Without Borders

Photos from John Jankousky’s recent trip to Guantugloma, Ecuador.

CSSGA Member John Jankousky of EME Solutions recently spoke to CSSGA about his recent trip to a remote village in Ecuador – one of his 10 trips in the last 5 years! Read on to learn more about John’s project:

I have been involved with the Engineers Without Borders Denver Professional Chapter since 2013.  During that time, I have been the Project Lead for the design and construction of a recently-completed potable water system in Guantugloma, Ecuador.  Guantugloma is a village in the Andes, located about 4 hours south of Quito, and situated at an elevation of 12,000 feet.  The water system is gravity-fed.  It consists of a spring box water capture structure, approximately 5 miles of PVC piping, and over a dozen concrete pressure-break tanks.  The potable water system serves 50 families and a population of approximately 300 people.  The system was built by volunteer labor provided by the villagers themselves and guided by Engineers Without Borders volunteers.  We began work on a second potable water system in a nearby village, Samilpamba, in April 2018.  Our partners in the projects include Centro Educativo La Minga (http://www.escuelaminga.org/), the Rotary Club of Aurora, and the Rotary Club of Latacunga, Ecuador.

If you are interested in getting involved with Engineers Without Borders or have any questions you can reach out to John via email John.Jankousky@eme-solutions.com.