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Interview of Walt Niccoli, Principal/Senior Engineer

What goods and services does Telesto Solutions offer?

Telesto Solutions is an engineering and environmental service firm.  We focus on working relationships to ensure that our clients receive the most value available from our problem solving expertise.  Most of the problems that we help our clients solve center around water:  rights, acquisition, use, delivery, infrastructure, permitting, treatment, quality.  For over 15 years, Telesto has partnered with its clients to successfully navigate tricky regulatory environments, and find innovative solutions to reach positive outcomes.

Where is Telesto Solutions located?

Our corporate office is in Fort Collins, Colorado.

How did you become involved in the industry?

I have been involved with the aggregate industry peripherally throughout my career.  I have authored technical papers on pit-lake groundwater inflow and have used that to help develop water balances for several mining operations.   In the past eight years, I have been involved mainly on the back-end of aggregate mining as it relates to water storage.  I am looking forward to finding a place that I can serve more directly and the CSSGA is a big part of that.

When did Telesto Solutions first join the CSSGA, and what was your original reason for joining the Association?

I was working on a related project with Gary Tuttle last summer.  When Gary learned of Telesto’s skill set in water rights, permitting and geotechnical engineering, he said that the CSSGA could benefit from our participation.  He also shared how the CSSGA could help Telesto branch out.  So, in November 2015, we joined as an associate member.

What benefits has Telesto Solutions seen since becoming a member of CSSGA?

The CSSGA has opened up the opportunity to build new relationships, and offers a chance for Telesto to serve the industry.  The Environmental Committee has also provided great learning opportunities as well as a forum to contribute our practical technical expertise back to CSSGA members.