October 2016 Featured Member

What goods and services does W.H. Smith & Associates offer? 
William H. Smith and Associates has been providing professional land surveying and engineering services for nearly fifty years. We provide the following services throughout the Rocky Mountain area:
Construction surveys
ALTA/ACSM surveys
Topographic surveys As build construction surveys
Route surveying Control Surveying
Water right surveys Certified plat development
GIS services Property exhibit generation
Drafting services Preliminary and design surveys
Civil Design
Storm Water Prevention Plans
Water shed & drainage studies Civil Engineering
LIDAR/Aerial & Unmanned Aerial Vehicle mapping

Interview of Steve Mast, Director of Business Development

Where is W.H. Smith & Associates located?
Our Colorado headquarters is in Loveland.  We also have offices in Grand Junction CO, Dickinson N.D, Rock Springs & Lander WY and are headquartered in Green River, WY.
How did you first become involved in the industry? 
I got into the industry 3 ½ years ago because a friend asked me to join his company.  I have stayed in the business and with W.H. Smith because I firmly believe in the quality of the service I am representing.
What was your original reason for joining the CSSGA?
We are new members of CSSGA and joined at the suggestion of another (slightly less) new member, Walt Nicolli with Telesto Solutions.  We felt it would be a great way to get a better understanding of the aggregate industry and its role in the construction industry.
What benefits has W.H. Smith & Associates seen since becoming a member of CSSGA?  
As new members, we are still in the emersion stage – trying to understand how we can get involved in a meaningful way.  So this means going to association activities, understanding the various committees (where can we make a contribution) and trying to meet fellow members.