October 2018 President’s Blog


#LETSGOROCKIES, #ROCKTOBER, #2018NLDS, for those of you who might have missed ESPN this week describing how sad everyone was that the Cubs didn’t make the playoffs and how tired they were and didn’t even mention that the Rockies had to travel and played the same amount of games.  Just realize, ESPN, that the Rockies played hard and envisioned their goal and deserve to move on.

I would like to say the same thing about how our industry stepped up and overwhelmingly supported #LETSGOCOLORADO Prop 110.  This is our time as an industry to seize the moment and continue to support Prop 110 whether it is financially or through the efforts of social media or talking with our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers so they have the correct information to make the right decision.

Are you tired of looking at this at every turn you take? Then it’s time to step up and commit to a sustainable funding mechanism that will help transportation issues for the entire state. It is our responsibility as Colorado citizens to correct these safety issues, capacity issues, and growth issues that have been sitting stagnant since 1991.  Let’s make the right choice and vote yes on Prop 110. #LETSGOCOLORADO.

If you need further information regarding Let’s Go Colorado, you can contact the association offices or visit  www.letsgocolorado.com.  Make sure you get your yard signs and bumper stickers to promote Prop 110 – contact Annelise to pick yours up.

We also have several other important events this year.  This includes the MSHA Roundtable Event scheduled for 10 am on Oct 31 at the CSSGA offices in Centennial.  MSHA leadership will be on hand to discuss new information within MSHA, and interact with members on questions they have.  Please plan to attend. Also, register to attend the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association & Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association’s 2018 Annual Conference: November 15-16 Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs

Once again thank you all for your support and look for your mail-in ballot in the coming weeks.