September 2014 President’s Blog


David Hagerman along with members of the MLRB, DRMS, and DNR during a tour at Martin Marietta Materials Spec Agg Quarry.


The 2014 construction season is approaching the final stretch for many of our businesses, but the association is entering a robust period, outpacing what the organization experienced to this point in 2014.  Recently, the membership completed a survey as part of its strategic planning process resulting in clear direction for the organization, and we look forward to sharing this with the membership at CSSGA’s 2014 Annual Meeting in November.  The direction provided by the membership supports the key initiatives on which the association has worked diligently throughout the year.  We remain focused both on the CDPHE extractive storm water permit rewrite and the mid-term elections.

In the near future, the Governmental Affairs Committee will be providing board-approved candidate recommendations for various state races.  I encourage all members to be active in the political process this election cycle and going forward by supporting candidates supportive of our industry, committed to economic growth, and willing to invest in our country’s infrastructure.

Through the year, it became clear that many people are intimidated or unfamiliar with the political process, particularly interacting with elected officials.  Regarding this reality, the association has and continues to focus on providing training and resources designed to simplify and explain the process, in the hope it will encourage our membership, from laborers to owners of companies, to become involved with their local, state, and federal elected officials and regulators.  I recently read an article that supports the actions of the association, and I wish to share a few key points from Michael Daniels’ article Leading for Growth in the 2014 summer issue of Leader to Leader. He stated, “Business needs a positive and constructive relationship with government — at all levels… : working to educate and build relationships with governmental officials and representatives…; help businesses grow, prosper, create jobs, and economic growth to move the nation forward”.  I believe this is also essential for the viability of our industry.  Daniels further recommended several actions for companies:

  • Get to know your local governmental officials and representatives.
  • Educate them on what you do in your business.
  • Join your local, state, or national business organizations.
  • Educate yourself on the business issues of key importance to you.
  • Speak up on issues of importance to your business.
  • Keep up your ongoing contact with governmental officials and representatives.

In reviewing this article, it supported the actions being encouraged and taken by the association this year through the creation of the Education Committee, the active political strategies deployed, and the launching of the grassroots program.  Please reflect on these items and ask yourself if you or your organization is doing all it can to ensure that your business and the aggregate industry is a vital and sustainable industry in Colorado?