September 2018 Executive Director Blog


Hello CSSGA members.  We have a lot going on so let’s get after it.  Our focus is on November 6, 2018, Election Day, and the work that needs to be completed before it. 

As you are probably aware, we were successful getting our infrastructure funding initiative on the ballot.  Our signatures were confirmed earlier in August, so “Proposition 110” is officially up for vote to the people of Colorado.  Our campaign is called “Let’s Go Colorado”.  In every corner of our state, we lack the resources to maintain our roads, highways and local bus routes.  Today, Colorado spends just $69 per person on transportation infrastructure, compared to 25 years ago when we spent almost twice that amount – $125 per person.  Because the state’s gas tax isn’t tied to inflation, there has been less and less revenue from existing gas taxes to address Colorado’s transportation needs.

Therefore, CSSGA and our partners in the Construction Industry Coalition (CIC) have been very focused on finding a long term and sustainable infrastructure funding source.  Proposition 110 is that source, as it would increase the state sales tax by 0.62% (just over half a penny on a dollar purchase).  This would raise more than $750 million in the first year and more than $1 billion per year on average over 20 years to rebuild our aging, overcrowded transportation system.  The funds will be distributed through the protected Highway User Tax Fund and shared between CDOT, counties and cities across the state.  In order to make Proposition 110 a success, we need your help.  As you know, we have been aggressively fundraising.  This is critical, as our polling has confirmed we can win, but it requires education to the people of Colorado.  So if you have contributed, thank you, if not, NOW IS THE TIME!

Also, we are building our list of supporters across the state.  It’s our goal to get every CSSGA member company on the list of supporters.  All you have to do to have your company officially endorse Proposition 110 is sign the resolution online.  Also, please spread the word: Share the Sign-up Sheet with your employees so they can personally endorse the measure and get involved in the Let’s Go, Colorado campaign.  Please note: contributing to the campaign does not automatically add you to the list of supporters.  For your company to be on the list, you must sign and return the resolution!  Finally, promote the Let’s Go Colorado campaign throughout your business and operations.  Posters are available and employees need to know this is universally supported and it can, and will make a difference to your company and employees personally.  They must vote, and strongly encourage others to do the same.  Learn more at

While the emphasis is on Let’s Go Colorado, we are also finalizing the 2018 Annual Conference, to be held again the beautiful Broadmoor in Colorado Springs on November 15 & 16.  Even more exciting, I am pleased to announce our guest speaker for the Friday lunch and banquet event is none other than Reggie Rivers.  Mr. Rivers is a former NFL running back who played six seasons with the Denver Broncos during the 1990s.  He is a media personality, business owner, and award winning novel author, who has worked in newspaper, radio and television in Denver.  You will want to hear his empowering messages and life lessons.  We are looking forward to the event and hope you make plans to attend.

We also have several other important events this year.  This includes the MSHA Roundtable Event scheduled for 10 am on Oct 31 at the CSSGA offices in Centennial.  MSHA leadership will be on hand to discuss new information within MSHA, and interact with members on questions they have.  Please plan to attend.

The other event is the Golf outing and Fall Networking Event scheduled for Sept 18 in Grand Junction.  Registration is available and I hope you are able to attend.  It is a great time to interact, network, and learn more about materials, equipment or happenings within the aggregate mining industry.

Individuals attend the 2018 Industry Tour

Lastly, I want to thank Annelise Shepherd for again organizing a very successful Industry Tour on August 28.  With the help of Mike Sheahan and David Bieber (Martin Marietta), Tod Knudson (Action Ready Mix) and Scott Davis and Jim Hunter (Schmidt Construction), legislative and regulatory officials and staff received a lunch and learn presentation and tours of a quarry, rail offloading facility, concrete plant and asphalt plant.  Some of the attendees were seeing these type of facilities for the first time.  This is critical as they make decisions and implement regulations that impact our industry.  Thanks guys for all your efforts!I appreciate everyone’s ongoing participation in CSSGA.  Keep connected through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Todd R. Ohlheiser

Executive Director

Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association