February 18, 2014 Safety Committee

Meeting Overview:

  • New Business: Max Haynes, Chief of Business Operations at Ergomed, gave a presentation pre- and post-employment testing. “Employment Testing, How, When & Why” covered the the basics of testing as well as how it can greatly decrease one’s risk for workers’ comp claims. Contact Max for more details on his presentation.
  • Safety Subcommittee Update: The concrete Mixer Truck Driver is currently in the pre-production process. After reviewing the training DVD, the Subcommittee has decided that additional filming will not be necessary. Pricing for the DVD was briefly discussed, it was decided that the group look into comparable videos and decide on a pricing structure from there.
  • Old Business: NTR
  • Round Table Discussion: The Committee agreed on the following speakers and topics for the upcoming meetings:
    • March 18: Best Contracting Practices – Dana Svendsen, Jackson Kelly
    • April 15: OSHA
    • May 20: Mod Rate


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