March 2014 Legislative Review

  • The Legislative Subcommittee members along with the Association’s lobbyist, Totsy Rees, have been keeping busy monitoring, supporting, and opposing legislation this month. Ben Frei, Totsy Rees, and Garrett Varra gave a presentation at the March 19 Legislative Breakfast.
  • Colorado State Senator Kevin Grantham spoke at the March 19 Legislative Breakfast. Sen. Grantham gave the group a description of what to expect for the rest of the 2014 Legislative Session, his take on Public-Private Partnerships, as well as the preliminary budget forecast and its effect on infrastructure spending.
March 2014 Legislative Subcommittee

Members of the Joint Legislative Subcommittee meet at the State Capitol Monday mornings at 8:00

  • The Joint Governmental Affairs Committee met on Tuesday, March 18. The Committee discussed the following topics:
    • How to improve grassroots efforts among the CRMCA and CSSGA membership
    • Development of a Community Outreach Program
    • Fundraising for candidates in an election year


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