April 2019 President’s Blog

This is a very busy time of year for our industry.  As we patiently wait for spring to arrive and say goodbye to winter weather, our industry is gearing up for what optimistically will be a great year in Colorado’s robust economy. Outside of our industry we are anxiously awaiting opening day for baseball season and our #ColoradoRockies.  Also, our #DenverNuggets are going to make their run in the NBA Western Division Playoffs.  For you hockey fans (Todd) our #ColoradoAvalanche are on the bubble for the playoffs as well.  It looks to be a very exciting time for sports fans in Colorado.

Within our association we are very busy at the Capitol making sure we are protecting our interests when it comes to onerous bills that are not pro-business.  There are several bills that need attention from our industry and constituents such as SB-188, Family and Medical Leave Insurance, HB 1210, local minimum wage, SB 181 Oil and Gas Legislation.  We as well as the business community need to inform people statewide on what is happening inside the Gold Dome and make sure they are fully educated to make the right choices.  As we move forward keep a watch out for social media campaigns regarding these issues and share with your friends, neighbors and coworkers.

We continue to maintain and amplify the need for transportation funding at the Capital as well as across the state. #FundtheFix is a social media campaign regarding the need to improve our infrastructure and transportation needs, so share this with everyone.  In addition #ThatsMyJam is a hashtag for people to share their commutes and post tweets and pictures about the issues they incur every day. As we all know this is going to be non-ending battle to educate the people of Colorado.

Look to our organization for continued updates regarding legislative issues at the Capitol, and please get involved with our Legislative committee every Monday at the Capitol.  Upcoming events for our group are the OSHA roundtable discussion April 18, 2019 at the CSSGA/CRMCA offices.  Our Land Use and Environmental Committee has been very busy with several important issues such as HB119-1113, SB19-181 and WOTUS. Hopefully you have had the chance to send in your comments to the EPA with our downloadable template to submit by April 15, 2019.

Thank you all for your continued support of our association and we look forward to seeing you at any one of our great events throughout the year.


Mark Ewald, CSSGA Board President

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