August 2018 President’s Blog

#LetsGoColorado, #TogetherWeGo, Initiative #153, CIC 527, Coloradans for Coloradans, you have heard them all and hopefully you have been engaged and informed that this is our great opportunity for change within our industry as well as the state of Colorado.

Colorado’s population has grown by over 1 million people through the last decade, and, just look around you, have our roads and infrastructure grown at the same pace?  No. We have congestion and failing infrastructure that require upgrades and improvements now. This is why as an industry we have come together to gather signatures, raise funds, and work together with other industries to improve our entire state. This is where Initiative #153 steps in and generates the funds to help improve our highways and infrastructure. With the little more than half a cent on a one dollar purchase we can start to fund the $9 Billion dollars of overdue CDOT projects that will improve our quality of life in Colorado.  So, if you haven’t signed the petition yet, get with the staff of CSSGA and sign on.

Don’t take it from me, do your own research or just drive on I-25, I-70, or even in the rural areas of Colorado and experience the delays, damage to your vehicles and the safety issues of getting our children to and from school. It is time to get on board and help support this great cause. The industry has already raised over $3 million just from our Construction Industry Coalition, but as we approach this crucial time in the campaign we ask that those who have not yet donated to please consider how you can support Initiative #153. And, to those who have stepped up to the plate, thank you!

Look for upcoming events such the Fall Golf Outing and BBQ on the Western Slope on September 18th at Redlands Mesa and use this link to register.

Mark Ewald

CSSGA Board President

Trinity Lightweight

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