August 2020 President’s Blog

Greetings CSSGA Members,

I hope  everyone is staying safe, busy and engaged during these trying times that we are living in.  The CSSGA Board and Staff are working diligently to stay on top of what is changing in the aggregate industry.  A few changes worth mentioning are:

  • During the July board meetings, the CRMCA and CSSGA leadership reviewed various options for the 2020 Annual Conference. After discussion, the board members for both associations decided the best way to provide value and keep membership safe was to hold the Annual Conference as a virtual event. Staff is exploring options for the annual conference to make it as useful and memorable as possible.
  • The CRMCA and CSSGA continue to hold digital discussions and webinars.  These days of ZOOM meetings and other virtual platforms have made it very easy for members to participate in these regularly scheduled events.  Please reach out to Annelise or Todd if you are interested in attending any of these meetings or if you can a topic that you would like to see discussed.

The Rock Pac is starting to gain momentum, please consider having your organization making a contribution to this PAC.

Best wishes to everyone and we look forward to seeing you all virtually or in person in the near future!

Zane Luttrell, Rocky Mountain Aggregate & Construction

CSSGA Board President

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