Capital Equipment: Financing & Tax Strategies Plus Tips for Accessing Gov’t Subsidies


Given the uncertain business climate, preserving your cash has never been more important.  But, if you need capital equipment now (or soon) it’s important to understand financing options and its impact on cash flow, taxes, and whether gov’t subsidies can be accessed to help defray the cost.

Join us on July 29 to hear from local experts who will discuss strategies to address these concerns and offer tips that you can use now to make the smartest business decisions in today’s business environment.


Wednesday, July 29

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.


From our Office to your Desk


Presented By:

Lee Spitz, Founder, Alliance Leasing

Lee has been serving the Colorado contracting community for over 20 years. He comes with a wealth of experience in helping businesses grow by providing financing strategies that enable businesses to use their cash to grow while maintaining a dependable and reliable fleet of vehicles.

Brooke Martellaro, Fractional CFO

Brooke is a seasoned and sought-after business professional, recognized for her work in leading small and large businesses alike to achieve financial and business objectives. She spent 20+ years honing her skills in the demanding corporate headquarters of multiple media companies and as a CPA in a global accounting and financial services firm before launching her own consulting practice.

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