Webinar: Challenges to Maintaining Due Process through Virtual Litigation


The Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission has precluded in person hearings through August 28. That time frame may be extended again as COVID continues to spread. Some judges have proposes conducting hearings via various methods, including ZOOM. However, issues persist in this approach such as security and validity of the medium, maintaining court room processes and decorum, creating a legible transcript, the ability to judge credibility of witnesses,  and the effective introduction of exhibits to name a few. What may work for some cases will not work well for others. How to decide which way to go?


Monday, August 17

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.


Zoom Meeting


Presented by Laura E. Beverage of Jackson Kelly PLLC

Laura E. Beverage is Counsel in the Manufacturing, Construction, Energy and Mining Law industry groups, focusing primarily on workplace safety and health. She practices out of the Firm’s office in Denver, Colorado.

Laura has been a part of the Firm since graduating from West Virginia University College of Law in 1980, and she has dedicated her professional life to Jackson Kelly and her clients. In 1993, Laura traded the Mountain State for the Rocky Mountains, moving from West Virginia to Colorado to establish Jackson Kelly’s Denver office.

Laura represents general industry, construction, and mining clients in compliance issues, policy, legislative, regulatory matters, civil and criminal enforcement issues, accident investigation, and whistleblower claims at both the state and federal levels. She also has tried multiple petitions for modification cases in coal and metal/nonmetal mining areas. Laura is a consummate problem solver and prefers to learn about her clients firsthand. She has visited multiple sites that use different mining methods and chemical and manufacturing processes to learn as much as she can about her clients’ businesses and their employees. She knows effective solutions for compliance and better business performance start with integral knowledge of the business itself.

Laura assists clients in making the best choices from both a legal and practical business perspective. Her work involves counseling clients on various matters including enforcement, litigation, and appeals to the U.S. Courts of Appeal. She has extensive experience involving issues arising under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act, and other state and federal safety and health statutes, including the Safe Explosives Act and the Surface Transportation Assistance Act. Laura also has served as lead counsel in numerous serious and catastrophic accident inquiries, from the accident investigation through the subsequent litigation.

Don’t hesitate to contact Annelise Shepherd (annelise@coloradocaa.org or 804-241-0605) with any additional questions.

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