January 2015 President’s Blog


David Hagerman addesses attendees at the 2014 Annual Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel.


I hope all of our members had the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season, and I bid you Happy New Year! This is the time of year for reflection and constitution of New Year resolutions, so I thought it might be fitting to discuss briefly the state of the association.

Entering 2015 the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association is a formidable association. Improving production volumes within the state and increased membership are providing a strong financial foundation. Overall, committee effectiveness continues to improve as committees, through their membership, address tough issues with executable objectives.   Through members’ actions and utilization of the tools provided through the association, such as the grassroots program and resources of the educational committee, CSSGA’s influence continues to expand with strengthened relationships with key allied associations, politicians and regulators. Further, through the 2014 strategic planning process, a defined direction and plan were developed for the organization.

As the association executes the plans developed in 2014, key focus areas during the first quarter of 2015 are:

  • Finalization of the CDPS General Permit COG500000—Discharges from Sand and Gravel Mining and Processing to include resolution on the selenium issue.
  • Developing and strengthening relationships with members (incumbents and recently elected members) of the legislature, U.S. Congress and key state officials/regulators.
  • Educating communities and government officials (all levels) regarding the aggregate industry.
  • Strengthening the aggregate industry’s safety culture and performance.
  • Providing increased value to associate members

Successful execution within these areas will require active participation from the membership, particularly with our newly elected members of Congress, the State legislature and County Commissioners. I believe 2015 will be a demanding year as the association continues to build upon the foundation laid while preparing for long-term growth, and I look forward to working with you over the coming year.

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