January 2023 Executive Director’s Blog

Hello CSSGA members and mining industry.  I hope everyone had a great holiday season with family and friends and came back recharged for the year ahead.  The new year is upon us and with it, the excitement and challenges of this new chapter.  In some of my readings over the break, I came across a quote that makes me think of the big picture, and separates from the daily grind.  It is by Robert F. Kennedy and reads “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

With this in mind, I hope we can look for the big and impactful challenges for 2023 and beyond.  By daring to step out from the ordinary and risk possible failure, we can achieve more, whether that be personal growth or company growth.  Regardless of which, the rewards can be personally gratifying.

I have discussed personal growth enough.  Here are a few updates regarding the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, both a reflection of 2022, and for the year ahead.  Regarding 2022, we have put together a brief video recapping the accomplishments we have made together, thorough the year.  Thanks for everyone who helped us improve the industry as we should all be proud.  Here is the link.

  • Recent Events:
    • Annual Conference – I need to thank all our sponsors and attendees that participated in the CRMCA/CSSGA Annual Conference in Colorado Springs last month.  Participation was strong as our overlying theme was Workforce Development.  Many national and local speakers participated in educational breakout sessions and shared their knowledge with membership.  Additionally, awards were presented to recognize excellence within our industry.  It is always great to see members engage in learning and networking opportunities.  Thanks again to all, and especially Emma Dolan, who was in charge of the overall event.  Her attention to detail showed as the entire event went extremely well.  Here is a list of our sponsors.
  • Governmental Affairs
    • Legislative Committee.  I know almost all of you can hardly wait for the 2023 Colorado Legislative Session to begin.  To see the political machine in action is a thing of beauty!! (just seeing if you are paying attention!!!!)  OK, there are issues, but that just means we need to stay engaged and participate.  Remember, when it comes to legislature, you are either at the table, or on the menu.  So we intentionally choose to be at the table.  We will again meet weekly (via conf calls to encourage statewide participation) with out lobbyist, Totsy Rees to go through bills and take action where necessary.  Additionally, we will hold monthly Legislative Breakfast meetings downtown by the capital before board meetings.  I encourage everyone to take part so we can ensure we are representing your best interest in the process.  Contact Emma Dolan for more info.
  • Upcoming Events
    • CRMCA Night at the Rodeo – This great event takes place next week on Thursday, Jan 12.  We will start with a dinner and tour of the Forney Museum, which is a must see right across the street from the Denver Coliseum.  Then, of course, the rodeo which never disappoints as a live sporting event.  Here is the registration.
    • Legislative Breakfasts.  As we look ahead to next year and the upcoming Legislative Session, our first Legislative Breakfast of 2023 will take place on Jan 18.
    • Networking Event.  Understanding the importance of Networking, we will host a joint Networking Event in the Northern part of the State.  This will occur on Feb 2 in Ft Collins.  Make plans to attend with producers, vendors, suppliers and prospective members.  These interactive sessions are always a great way to engage with industry associates.
    • Ski Day & Networking Event.  Lastly, mark your calendars for February 27-28 to participate in the upcoming CRMCA/CSSGA Ski Day. Register Here.

Todd R. Ohlheiser, CAE
Executive Director

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