July 2014 President’s Blog


Executive Director Todd Ohlheiser presented current Board President David Hagerman with the Stanley truck at the CSSGA Summer Networking Event


As the temperatures heat up, the association is heating up its activities related to the upcoming elections and ballot measures and continues to apply constructive pressure on CDPHE regarding the storm water permit currently under rewrite.  In June and July, the Land Use & Environmental committee worked to educate and demonstrate our concerns with the proposed storm water permit through facility tours, face-to-face meetings and workshops regarding selenium. The association is also ensuring our state legislative body is aware of our concerns related to the permit and the status of the permit rewrite.  We are optimistic that through the actions taken over the past year, development of key relationships, and the active participation of the membership, that the final permit will be workable with our industry.

The Governmental Affairs committee is preparing a list of state candidates, which CSSGA membership should support, based on their positions regarding our industry, increased infrastructure spending, and economic development.  In the coming month the committee, will be finalizing the distribution of the PAC monies for this election cycle.  It is not too late to contribute to the PAC; find more information regarding the PAC here.

Members will also see increased communications during this election cycle, which will provide talking points on key issues such as ballot initiatives, which may be used when discussing these issues or candidates with your employees, associates and governmental officials.  A true grassroots effort is required to maintain the viability of our industry.

The heat is truly on as the association works these issues while closely monitoring others through the NSSGA, such as the federal highway funding crises, and expansion of the definition of “Waters of the United States” as proposed by the EPA.  The association is and will continue to be a strong voice for our membership and industry, if you or your organization is not actively participating in the association’s committees or other activities, please consider how you can aid the association and ultimately our industry in Colorado.  I hope you have a safe and productive summer.

David Hagerman, CSSGA Board President

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