March 22 Webinar: Power Quality Solutions


CESI is in the business of Power Quality Solutions. We are performing power analyses on facilities to show them how they can stop paying for electricity they cannot use by correcting their power factor. We are an industrial electrical contracting company in Northern Colorado designing electrical solutions for sand/gravel, concrete, and asphalt operations for 30 years.

What is a power analysis?

An analysis will reveal how your facility truly utilizes power from the utility.

What is power factor correction?

Our favorite analogy is the beer mug! You pay by the glass, expecting to receive mostly beer and little foam. You want the most out of your money just as you want the most out of the electricity you are paying for! That means the least amount of foam “wasted beer/electricity.” Improving the quality of power throughout your facility will increase your “real power.” Paying only for the electricity that actually does work!

Elspec’s VP of engineering, Mark Rodgers will be presenting their solution to stabilizing voltage and current using patented, electronic transient-free switching capacitor banks and harmonic filtering.

Learn more about how Power Quality can increase production, prolong life of equipment and increase the capacity of existing service on March 22!


Monday, March 22

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.


From our Office to your Desk


Presented By:

Liz Buchl, Sales Rep, CESI

Mark Rodgers, VP of Engineering, Elspec 

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