May 2020 Executive Director’s Blog

Hello CSSGA Membership.  I hope you, your families, and your working companions remain safe during this most unusual time.  It is hard to believe this is even happening, and we will awaken from a bad dream………. make that a bad nightmare!  So while we are all tested with a combination of showing patience, controlling anger, and keeping a focus on the long term, I wish everyone the best in dealing with this situation.

As the mining and aggregate supply industries have remained an Essential Business, I know this also brings the challenges of operating safely within the Executive Orders in place.  These have been, and will continue to be employed within our operating plan of CSSGA.  Therefore, as Colorado moves into the Safer-at-Home phase, we will continue working primarily remotely, but obviously be in the office as business requires.  I do not expect to miss a beat or have any less services or assistance to you or your businesses.  As has been stated, the Together/Apart approach will remain our driving force.

Therefore, in following the most recent Executive Order, here is a rough layout of how we will conduct business in the coming months.

May – Safer at Home, events of 10 or less.

  • All committee meetings will be either webinars or conference calls.  This will include the Legislative Committee, which is anticipated to restart mid-May as the General Session resumes.  We are finding out webinars and the use of video cameras are a very reliable way to engage people and get things done.  I strongly encourage you to participate visually.
  • While this is primarily a CRMCA issue, will re-start ACI certifications beginning May 13.  Obviously CSSGA depends on this for the certification of Aggregate Testing (Agg 1 & Agg 2).  A detailed plan has been worked out with CDOT allowing for the use of their facility, and meeting with groups or 10 or less.  Clear layouts with Social Distancing must be adhered to, masks and gloves are required, and other procedures will be followed.
    • To assist with ACI Training, JT Mesite is developing a series of ACI Field 1 Physical Test videos.  Several are already available on YouTube and are very timely and will help train those preparing for certification.  Great work JT!
  • No other activities or functions are planned face to face, although remote “social hours” are being explored.

June – As the Governor’s Executive Orders change, so will our procedures (unless there is regression).

  • Committee Meetings protocol (TBD)
  • ACI Certifications will continue following the most current Colorado, CDOT, and CSSGA guidelines.
  • Events and Activities will continue following Colorado and CSSGA guidelines.

July – Assessed in mid-June.  Protocol followed based on virus rates and updated Executive Orders. 

  • We are currently assessing the Summer Conference which is scheduled to late July.  After discussions with your leadership, more information will be provided.

I know you have been inundated with emails and information from us regarding the CARES Act, remaining an essential industry and Gov Polis’s Executive Orders.  I would rather over communicate than leave areas of speculation.  As has been stated, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or needs (Todd, 303.882.6879 and Annelise, 804.241.0605).  Take care.


Todd R. Ohlheiser

Executive Director

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