November 2020 Executive Director’s Blog

Photo submission from Mike Sheahan, Martin Marietta, for the 2020 ConRock Colorado.

Hello members.  The following is an update regarding the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (CSSGA).  I hope everyone is coping well as we continue to deal with the pandemic.  Just as we start to think we have rounded the corner, the virus seems to raise its ugly head and make a bigger impact.  We know we will get thru this and on to better days, and we are all very ready for that time.  Regarding CSSGA, there is a lot going on so let’s get to it!

Here is information regarding events:

  • Obviously the election if foremost on our minds and the outcomes are critical to Colorado and the country.  CSSGA took positions on several key issues this election.  Our positions were driven in an effort to help the business community.   View details regarding the outcomes.
  • CSSGA participated in a Clay Shoot along with CRMCA. The Oct. 14 event held at Colorado Clays was a huge success.  While we were unsure of the turnout during this time, it was clear members were ready to network in a safe, outdoor setting.  So instead of a low turnout as I had feared, it was almost a record regarding participants.  Our sponsorship remained strong as CSSGA and CRMCA members continue to step forward in support of the industry.  Thanks to those that sponsored including; Mountain Cement Company, Chryso Inc., Bruckner Truck Sales, Brundage Bone/Eco-Pan, Martin Marietta, Rush Truck Center of Colorado, Vibra – Tech, and Yeh & Associates.
  • October Digital Discussion.  On October 28, Denver Economic Development Corporation’s CEO, J. J. Ament, gave an update on the Denver and Front Range Economic Forecast followed by a Q&A session with members.  A copy of his presentation is available upon request to learn more about the economic forecast and the Denver Economic Development Corporation’s role in the growth and expansion of primary jobs and promoting capital investment in the state.  Thanks to Tod Knudsen (Action Ready Mix) for making this connection.
  • Safer at Home Webinar – Ergonomics in Home Offices. The virtual webinar occurred Nov 5 and was directed toward improving employee comfort, health, well-being, and productivity while working in a non-standard office environment.  It emphasized the importance of being creative in your approach to workstation setup.  This virtual education opportunity provided practical guidelines on optimizing a temporary office workstation and was presented by Chris Hamrick, Chubb Global Risk Advisors.
  • Also, for the first time in 12 years, CSSGA joined together with CRMCA in the creation of joint magazine regarding industry and association news.  Named the ConRock Colorado magazine, it includes articles regarding key highlights driving each association.  You will see the reoccurring theme of “Industry Resiliency” in this edition, and this is exactly what our industry has done.  The industry has been tested to the max and everyone has proven the ability to remain resilient, adjust and change.  Members have risen to the challenge of social distancing, employee testing protocol, enhanced disinfecting procedures, the list goes on.
  • Lastly, the CSSGA/CRMCA 2020 Joint Annual Conference is scheduled to occur Nov 19 in a virtual format.  The conference is free to all members and includes an election re-cap, award presentations, and association updates.  The virtual format allows everyone to attend without travel or costs.

Thanks, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during the upcoming holidays.

Todd R. Ohlheiser

Executive Director

Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (CSSGA)

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