July 2024 Executive Director’s Blog

Hello CSSGA members.  Here are a few highlights and happenings at your trade association.

  • Recent and upcoming activities. 
    • Regarding the legislative session that wrapped up May, I want to thank our Governmental Affairs chairman Chris Oestreich (CSSGA Board Member)  for his leadership and commitment to the industry over the course of 2024.  Beginning with him leading the Industry Education Day at the Capitol, offering information on the importance of mining, to his testimony of several key bills in the House and the Senate, his contributions are much appreciated.  Thank you, Chris.
    • Obviously, our lobbyist, Totsy Rees and Legislative Sub-committee chair Alex Schatz, have been key to the session.  Thanks to them for their commitment as well. 
    • This year we joined together with our partners at the CIC 527 (CCA, CAPA, CRMCA, ACPA) and participated in interviews of Primary candidates.  While this is new, we wanted to get more involved I the process early.  The outcome was extremely positive as the CIC 527 was successful in 11 of 13 Primary Election Races Targeted.  This will significantly improve the environment for business and construction in the next legislative session.  Back in June the CIC 527 Steering Committee approved an investment of $110,000 to be invested to educate voters on the primary election races where the results of the primary would be the results of the general due to the voter make-up in that district.  Therefore, the CIC 527 worked in concert with AGC Colorado, Colorado Home Builders Association and other like-minded groups to leverage the dollars we invested.  Of the 13 key primary races we invested money in, we were successful in 11 of them.  This is a huge success and I want to thank our business partners.
  • ROCK PAC: If you haven’t, please consider contributing to the ROCK PAC, and even the CONCRETE PAC.  Companies or individulas can contribute up to $725. each to these PAC’s.  This is extremely important, and I strongly encourage your participation and investment in the future of Colorado! 
  • Networking:  We held a very successful West Slope Networking Event in Grand Junction on June 18.  Many members turned out for this great summer event.  Thanks to Sean Mello at Western Slope Materials for sponsoring!
  • Promoting the Positives: CSSGA is beginning conversations with a reclamation success in the state.  Just yesterday I toured the Pikeview Quarry being reclaimed by Castle Concrete in Colorado Springs.  I met with former board member Jerry Schnabel, who is overseeing the project.  While this mine has had much opposition over the years, the company is working with the city of Colorado Springs to turn it into a l positive.  Once the project is complete later this year, we will have more info on the project. 

Upcoming Events

Looking ahead, we have a series of exciting events planned to continue driving our industry forward:

  • Summer Conference: Scheduled for July 18 & 19 in the historic Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, we join our partners at the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association for our summer Conference.  This event combines a great balance of work and recreation.  We will spend Thursday afternoon reviewing and updating our Strategic Plans and setting future direction that is critical to our industry.  Then on Friday, members and guests take to the golf course to fine tune their golf techniques, or in my case, lose a bunch of golf balls!  A great way to accomplish setting future objectives and enjoy the weather any great company, all in the same event. 

Challenges in Permitting New Mine Sites

One of the most significant challenges we face and is scheduled to be discussed as part of our Strategic Plan is the permitting of new mine sites. The process is complex and often deals with delays due to stringent regulatory requirements and environmental concerns.  Obtaining the necessary permits involves multiple agencies and extensive environmental impact assessments, which can take several years to complete.  CSSGA has formed a Task Force to look for ways for the association to help.  More to follow as this gets underway.


The mining industry in Colorado stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. While we face challenges, particularly in permitting new sites, our commitment to technological advancement and sustainable practices positions us for a bright future. The collaboration between the mining and construction industries ensures that we can continue to thrive and contribute to Colorado’s growth and prosperity.  Together, we are building a stronger, more innovative, and sustainable future for construction in Colorado.  Thanks to all.  Please reach out to either Emma, or me if you have questions or comments.

Todd R. Ohlheiser
Executive Director
Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (CSSGA)
Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA)
Cell:  303.882.6879
Office: 303.290.0303

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